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Riser Management Services | Multi-Story Commercial Building

Enjoy the Building Advantage of riserSAFE Protection with Technology Concierge Service
Today, business is about being connected. The riserSAFE brand logo lets businesses know that your building is serious about protecting their network backbone and technology infrastructure. The Technology Concierge logo represents a commitment to providing the connected technology today’s businesses need to thrive. A 24/7 phone line puts you in touch with a Concert Technologies expert who can help you get installation and support for telecom circuits, cabling and networked techologies such as VoIP, Wifi, Digital Signage and Kiosks, Routers, Switches and more.

Riser Management Video: Why Riser Systems Fail

Property Managers: Watch the Commercial Property Marketing Advantage & Services Videos here.

Building Tenants: Watch the Technology Concierge Video here.

Protect Your Building With Nationwide Riser Management Services
Building owners and managers understand the importance of riser management and the threats surrounding the building's riser system. With your reputation on the line, the dangers of not having a proper riser management plan in place are enormous—the operability and privacy of tenants' IP Networks, the risk of safety code violations, sabotage of telecommunications circuits and the growing threat of data theft for competitive and foreign intelligence. Recent statements from the FBI and NSA indicate these threats are growing fast, yet most go unnoticed and unreported. With Concert Technologies riserSAFE Program, building owners, property, facility and IT managers are afforded all of the benefits that come with one consistent, knowledgeable and reliable source for managing the building's critical network infrastructure

Learn How We Can Help
Today more than ever you need a technology rollout company that is flexible, reliable, and adaptable in order to deliver on the promise of rapid, cost effective national rollouts. Since 1995, we're a company that succeeds by bringing its best to every project. Let us show you how we can meet and exceed your expectations.

Contact us or call (844) 668.7233 to discuss our nationwide riser management services and schedule an on-site assessment.

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