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Riser Management Services | Multi-Story Commercial Building

Is Your Building riserSAFE?
Leading property management companies are proud to tell tenants their buildings are riserSAFE. Concert Technologies’ riserSAFE program is built on more than two decades experience planning and delivering technology services in commercial and government buildings nationwide. Now, you have access to that expertise through a program tailored to protect and advise you on the telecom infrastructure and technology in your building. Concert will perform or document all work in these spaces to ensure codes and standards are maintained and provide accountability.

  Video: riserSAFE Building Technology Services for Property Managers & Building Owners

The riserSAFE program is your line to a broad menu of building technology services:

  • Riser Management
  • Closet Restoration or Cleanup
  • Cabling Abatement
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Online Reporting
  • Building Technology Profiling
  • Rooftop Review
  • Technology Concierge

Technology Concierge
A major benefit of being in a riserSAFE building is access to technology concierge services. Our experts understand your requirements and will recommend and install the exact technology your building needs to stay ahead of the curve.

Building owners and property managers of riserSAFE buildings can call their technology concierge for all of their network communications technology, including:

Give Your Building the Advantage of riserSAFE Protection
The riserSAFE logo assures tenants your building is protected from today's threats. Call us for a presentation on riser system deficiencies in commercial and government buildings and how Concert Technologies riserSAFE Riser Management Program will improve your building and tenants efficiencies, security, and IP network performance.

Please contact us or call (844) 668.7233 to discuss your riser management options and schedule an on-site assessment.


White Paper: Protecting Your Building's Most Valuable Infrastructure

Request your FREE copy today and learn how an unmanaged riser system impacts the operability and privacy of your tenants' IP networks.

Over the past several years, riser infrastructure has occupied the role of a building's most vital infrastructure. This system, present in each multi-story building, houses the technology cabling and equipment which computers and businesses depend on to communicate with customers and the cloud.

  White Paper: Protecting Your Building's Most Valuable Infrastructure

Contact us or call (844) 668.7233 to discuss our nationwide riser management services and schedule an on-site assessment.

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