Plinko vs Tech Ready Building Services


Plinko vs Tech Ready Building Services

Ending the Vendor Management Fiasco

The usual method of updating connectivity services and tenant tech in commercial building wiring closets is contrasted with the professionally managed approach known as Tech Ready Building Services. CEO of Concert Technologies and Tech-Ready innovator Dennis Mazaris, along with his lovely daughter Jeanna, visualize the problems with unmanaged building cabling infrastructure and the tangible benefits of having a Tech Ready Building service provider to manage all the ICT infrastructure tenants depend on.

This excerpt is part of the Tech Ready Buildings presentation at the BICSI Winter Conference 2020. Handing a key to a cabling contractor for hours–or even days–worth of routing cables results in unpredictable, time-consuming and costly results for tenants and building management. The unknowns are too many and too consequential to be ignored in a time where tenant tech and connectivity can make or break a business.

Enter Tech Ready Buildings: The Next Big Step for Commercial Real Estate Tech Ready Buildings are ordinary buildings with a powerful advantage: a dedicated, professional partner to manage the building’s ICT infrastructure and the vendors installing that infrastructure–all documented and executed with greater efficiency, timeliness, cost-effectiveness and adherence to codes and standards. CRE properties become Tech Ready, simply by selecting a Tech Ready service provider.

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