About riserSAFE®​

What Is riserSAFE®?

riserSAFE®, a program by Concert Technologies, is a building technology management service designed to maximize a building’s internet connectivity by actively maintaining, upgrading and securing its critical IP infrastructure. The program was developed to address the needs of commercial office Building Managers, Brokers and Tenants by providing each of them with customized services for their technological needs.

riserSAFE in a property manager building

Property Managers

Asset Managers

Enjoy The Benefits of The riserSAFE® Program.

Working with us gives you the peace of mind to run your business knowing your building’s internet connectivity is in the best hands.

The riserSAFE® program is based on over twenty years of experience of technology project management in commercial and government buildings around the world.

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Our CEO, Dennis Mazaris

Dennis Mazaris

Dennis Mazaris founded riserSAFE and Tech Ready Buildings to make maintaining, updating, and securing commercial office building internet connectivity easy. A serial entrepreneur, Mazaris was selected by SmartCEO magazine for the Smart100 list as one of the top CEOs in the Washington, DC area.

Mazaris is a TIA spire committee and TIA TR-60 standards member. As an acknowledged thought leader within the industry, Mazaris has participated in standards body working and advisory groups, as well as authoring numerous industry technical articles, white papers, videos for publications, industry training courses, and speaking at numerous CRE conferences. 

A Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) and Telecommunications Project Manager (RTPM), Mazaris is also the holder of two US patents, considered a Renaissance Man by Cabling Installation Magazine, been awarded the prestigious Harry J. Pfister Award for Excellence in the Telecom Industry by BICSI, and a member of numerous industry standards boards, including the BICSI Ethics Committee.

A believer in giving back to the industry, Mazaris created the Cabling Icon online competition for low-voltage installers, as well as supporting and promoting the BICSI CARES initiative, which strives to build a strong foundation for children’s futures.