Maximize The Operational Performance Of Your CRE Building Portfolio

Today more than ever you need to prioritize your building portfolio’s technology profile as one of it’s biggest selling points.

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Confidently market your building to high profile clients who take business connectivity seriously.

riserSAFE® is an affordable and scalable solution to create and maintain accurate records for the purposes of infrastructure management, maintenance, and planning.

  • Centralize the Building Documentation of Your Entire Portfolio
  • Minimize Operational Expenditures and Maintenance Costs
  • Be Prepared for the Technologies of Tomorrow
  • Market Best-In-Class Building Connectivity

With one phone call to a single point of contact, you have instant access to an advanced portfolio of technology services that will keep your business competitive for years to come.

Infrastructure Asset Management, Made Simple

A cost-effective solution for enterprises to document, verify, and maintain, building communications infrastructure.

riserSAFE building infrastructure

1. Understand the Infrastructure of Your Building Portfolio

riserSAFE® uses a standardized approach to actively manage your infrastructure documentation and maintenance, providing a centralized database of your portfolio’s entire connectivity footprint.

2. Increase Tenant Retention and Marketability

Retain high-profile tenants by offering a better tenant experience. riserSAFE® ensures best-in-class connectivity, improving the tenant experience and increasing long-term marketability of your property.

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Tech Ready Buildings

3. Be Ready for The Technology of Tomorrow

Your infrastructure risk is defined and mitigated, so you can focus on high-level asset management and new technology delivery without the worry of low-level maintenance tasks.

riserSAFE® Services

ICT Infrastructure Life-Cycle Management

riserSAFE® actively maintains, secures, and documents the cabling, equipment, and services within the riser systems and common areas of your building portfolio.

Connectivity Infrastructure Audit

Our building audits ensure peak connectivity and highlight opportunities for improvement while providing easy portal access to all infrastructure documentation.

Carrier Services

riserSAFE® has over 25 years experience delivering and maintaining all types of ISP services. We are your one-stop shop for infrastructure maintenance and tenant resolution, reducing the number of vendors in and out of your building and ensuring your building is running at peak performance.

Tech Ready Buildings​

Tech Ready Buildings actively support the integration of new digital technologies and leverage on-going connectivity automation to enhance building performance and occupant experience, making the building smarter today than it was yesterday. 

Ensure Your Building Portfolio Is Tech Ready with riserSAFE®

Let us show you how we can help you meet and exceed your expectations. Call 1-844-668-7233 or Contact Us today to discuss your options and schedule an on-site appointment.

Customized Technology Services

Riser Clean-Up/ Management

Building Audits

Cabling & Circuits

Carrier Services

Smart Building Technologies

Building WiFi

Digital Signage

CCTV & Video

24Hr Break/Fix

Have a riserSAFE® representative discuss with you how to make your CRE Building Portfolio Tech Ready today!

Make Your Building a riserSAFE® Building

The riserSAFE® program is built on more than two decades experience planning and delivering technology services in commercial and government buildings nationwide.

Now, you have access to that expertise through a program tailored to help you prepare for your internet connectivity certifications and actively maintain the telecom infrastructure and technology in your building.

With up-to-date, actionable data the riserSAFE® program lets you confidently market your building to high profile clients who take their business connectivity seriously.

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