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Tips and Insight for CRE Brokers, Building Managers, Engineers and Tenants to address today’s most important building connectivity issues.


Making Your Building Smarter Today Than Yesterday

Tech Ready Buildings actively support the integration of new digital technologies and leverage on-going connectivity automation to enhance building performance and occupant experience, making the building smarter today than it was yesterday. 

Plain Old Telephone Service

Save “P.O.T.S. of Gold” By Eliminating Unused Telephone Lines

As fewer organizations rely on landlines for their communication needs, aging Plain Old Telephone Service (P.O.T.S.) infrastructure is getting more expensive to maintain and major telephone providers are phasing out their landline services in favor of wireless investment, all the while increasing P.O.T.S. maintenance fees.

Virtual Project Management On-Demand

Virtual Project Management On-Demand by riserSAFE is reducing the need for site surveys at CRE properties across the US.

Understanding Closet Clean-Up

Unmanaged riser closets eventually become aesthetically unappealing and reach conduit or core hole capacity (pathway congestion), impacting the ability to provide reliable service to your building and tenant networks and costing ownership time and money to remediate.

Building Infrastructure Challenges: Innerduct

Building infrastructure challenges are inherent in most buildings and are influenced by a number of building characteristics, ranging from building age and history to current management practices.

5 Reasons You Need A Riser Management Company

With technicians and property management struggling with issues revolving around riser management, there is an innate need in the CRE industry for a riser management service. We listed five of the most common reasons why you should consider a riser management company.

Demarc Extension Nationwide

Ethernet Site Readiness, Inside Wiring & OSP, eCPE and Other Circuit  Equipment Installations, Testing, Turn Up and Troubleshooting for all Telecom Circuits, and more.
Leveraging your connectivity for a competitive edge and higher rates.
The competitive advantage of offering free WiFi in your building.
Tenant expectations and the rise of 5G tech in CRE buildings.
Understanding the demarcation point and its importance to CRE building connectivity.
Are Telecom Service Providers Wasting Your Building Engineer’s Valuable Time?
Understanding the Communications Infrastructure in Your Commercial Buildings.
Building Connectivity, Technology Documentation, and the Rise of Tenant Expectations.
How to minimize CRE building network outages & ensure fast connectivity recovery times.
Ensure your buildings are providing your tenants with the most reliable services available today.
Receive expertise through a program tailored to protect and advise you on your building’s infrastructure.
This restoration keeps critical connectivity infrastructure managed and ready for tech demands.
24/7 support with professionals familiar with your infrastructure gives tenants peace of mind.
Avoid getting burned meeting Ethernet Service Provider Requirements from new carriers.
Technology is the heart of today’s business. Do you have a plan in place to manage your building technology?
Ensure you have the best chance of securing Platinum, Gold or Silver WiredScore ratings.
The third video of the four-part ICT program, the Cable Pulling Course, advances your knowledge in the world of low-voltage cabling to cover all aspects of riser cable pulling.
Today Tonight explains how easy it is to hack fiber optics anywhere in the world and capture the data transmission.
Allowing three PU expanding foams to cure for over 96 hours, see how some of the “Fireblock” foams burned with a torch vs a “Firestop” foam.
Ensure your buildings are providing your tenants with the most reliable services available today.
Avoid getting burned meeting Ethernet Service Provider Requirements from new carriers.
Future upgrades, carrier builds, and reliable internet connectivity all rely on having an actively maintained riser.
Information on your facility’s most critical cabling channel and tips on how to maintain it.
Understand the value of keeping building connectivity maintained, documented and secure.
Understanding customer demands and the impact of a faulty demarc extension on productivity.