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Premium Technology Concierge Services

Easily Understand Your Building’s Internet Connectivity and Update Your Technology

Enjoy the Benefits of a riserSAFE® Building. Today, business is about being connected. With Internet technology providing instant access to email, voice, video and cloud solutions, it’s important to know your internet connectivity is in good hands. With a riserSAFE® Technology Concierge, you can enjoy this competitive technology advantage for your office or all your company’s offices.

The riserSAFE® logo means your building puts a high priority on your network-based technologies and that all of your business information is passing through a secure and optimized network backbone, unique to your building.

riser management technology reports

In-Depth Building Technology Reports

Comprehensive technology snap shots of your commercial office building’s technology profile ensure you understand exactly what services are available.

Riser management tenant connectivity

Understand Your Building’s Connectivity

Our comprehensive maintenance program makes accessing network-backbone information, service provider availability, bandwidth capacity, and security easy.

riser management tenant safety

Your Enterprise Technology is Safe

24-Hour Camera Surveillance and restricted access to critical network spaces means your cloud and IP-based enterprise solutions are protected.

riser management tenant recovery

Fastest Response Time for Disaster Recovery

When there is a service outage, it could potentially mean major revenue losses. riserSAFE® is your front line of defense, as well as your First Responders team.

Grow Your Business With Confidence Using A Technology Concierge

The riserSAFE® program is based on over twenty years of experience of technology project management in commercial and government buildings around the world.

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