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Enjoy the Benefits of a riserSAFE® Building.

Today, business is about being connected. With Internet technology providing instant access to email, voice, video and cloud solutions, it’s important to know your internet connectivity is in good hands. With a riserSAFE® Technology Concierge, you can enjoy this competitive technology advantage for your office or all your company’s offices with services including:

  • New Service Installations
  • Technology Consultation
  • Move-Ins and Move-Outs
  • Nationwide Support of Multi-Site Enterprise Solutions

With one phone call to a single point of contact, you have instant access to an advanced portfolio of technology services that will keep your business competitive for years to come.

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1. Best in Class Connectivity

When companies see the riserSAFE® logo in their building, they know their connectivity is in the best hands. With over twenty years of experience managing Tech Ready Buildings, our experienced Program Managers ensure best in class connectivity in the CRE industry.

2. In-Suite Tech Requests, Delivered On-Demand.

We take care of all your in-suite technology needs, so you can focus on the business that matters most.

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3. Any Technology, Anywhere. At Scale.

The riserSAFE® program is based on delivering over 550,000 technology rollouts in commercial and government buildings around the world through its parent company, Concert Technologies. Make your next multi-site enterprise solution painless with Concert Technologies.

Grow Your Business With Confidence Using A Technology Concierge

Let us show you how we can help you meet and exceed your expectations. Call 1-844-668-7233 or Contact Us today to discuss your options and schedule an on-site appointment.

Customized Technology Services

Cabling & Circuits

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WiFi & Routers

Digital Signage

24Hr Maintenace

Have a riserSAFE® representative discuss our premium technology concierge services with you today!

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Contact Your Technology Concierge Today

The riserSAFE® program is built on more than two decades experience planning and delivering technology services in commercial and government buildings nationwide.

Now, you have access to that expertise through a program tailored to fit the technology needs of modern tenants.

Simply contact your technology concierge today and get instant access to technology services that will keep your business competitive for years to come.

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