What To Do When Disaster Strikes on Your Building’s Infrastructure

It’s Paramount To Have A System in Place that Provides You 24/7 Support

Today’s tenants know Internet outages pose serious threats to business. Having a 24/7 Disaster Recovery support line with professionals familiar with your infrastructure gives them peace of mind.

Disaster recovery services are critical for addressing tenant or building network outages which today can be caused by sabotage as well as mistakes made by tenants and servicemen working in your building.

Concert Technologies provides a 24/7 support line. A live person is ready to help anytime, day or night.

Concert Technologies’ riserSAFE, riser management program is built on more than two decades experience planning and delivering technology services in commercial and government buildings nationwide. Now, you have access to that expertise through a program tailored to protect and advise you on the telecom infrastructure and technology in your building. Concert will perform or document all work in these spaces to ensure codes and standards are maintained and provide accountability.

The riserSAFE program is your line to a broad menu of building technology services: Closet Restoration, Disaster Recovery, Online Reporting, Building Technology Profiling, Rooftop Review and Technology Concierge.

The riserSAFE program offers major benefits for commercial property management and leasing agents looking for advantages in today’s cloud-centric business environment. Property management can appreciate having a secured and managed riser system with an experienced, responsible firm to help them understand how to maximize their building technology assets. And the property is made more attractive to prospective tenants with both the riserSAFE and Technology Concierge brand logos. Positioning your building in this new tech-oriented marketplace just got easier.

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