Connectivity Self Assessment

Building Connectivity Assessment

Take the riserSAFE Self-Assessment. See how well your tenant’s connectivity is secured.

“90% of BOMA Members Say Reliable Access to High-Speed Networks and Services is a Top Priority for Tenants”

“TAMI (technology, advertising, media and information) tenants are attracted to buildings with strong digital infrastructures.”

“What’s in your telco closet?”

The riserSAFE self assessment is designed to give you insight into how well your telecommunications spaces are secured. If you were hesitant to answer any of the questions, or feel like your riser’s performance is compromised, consider having your building technology assessed. One phone call will guarantee that your tenants are getting the most out of your building’s connectivity.

Future upgrades, carrier builds, reliable internet connectivity, and disaster remediation all rely on having an actively maintained riser and up-to-date documentation of your telecom spaces.

White Paper: Protecting Your Building’s Most Valuable Infrastructure

Request your FREE copy and learn how an unmanaged riser system impacts the operability and privacy of your tenants’ IP networks.

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