Virtual Project Management On-Demand

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Concert‘s Virtual Project Management’s (VPM) Virtual Survey feature eliminates the costs associated with preliminary site surveys, reduces contractor foot traffic, and minimizes disruptions at the building, while also saving the tenant and property management from having to manage routine service requests.

TESTIMONIAL: Virtual Site Surveys. The Value of Documenting ICT Infrastructure

A PM for one of the largest telecom carriers explains how Concert Technologies’ infrastructure documentation translates into faster, more cost-effective deployment of enterprise technology.

PM Support helping riserSAFE customer

Eliminating Site Surveys

How To Put An End To Site Survey Requirements For Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Telecommunications Service Requests.
“The company I did work for, whenever they would do a survey, whether it was physical or not, we wouldn’t be able to get out there for a week. Everything nowadays is, ‘I want it NOW,’ and with Concert, I can pull up pictures, pdf files, and diagrams of exactly what is out there at the site.” – Don Wallace, Retired National ISP Project Manager