Augment Your In-House Staff with a Technology Concierge

Ensure Your Building is Ready for the Newest Services and Priority Response for Tenant Requests

Property managers are expected to be the experts on every system and every vendor for every requirement in their buildings, but the telecommunications industry offers unique challenges that makes staying up-to-date with the latest building technologies and adhering to industry standards a huge challenge for the building management team.

The telecommunications industry is expected to make dramatic changes in the near future.  When asked to predict what 2019 would bring for the telecommunications industry, Mazin Gilbert, VP of Advanced Technology and Systems with AT&T Labs, said “2019 will be the year 5G really starts to gain momentum. Add in industry expansion of edge cloud, software-defined networks and AI, and businesses can begin planning to expand smart manufacturing, smart health, smart cities and smart IoT.”

Mazin’s predictions are not necessarily revolutionary; almost every year a new technology or piece of equipment is touted as the next step in communications technology. As expansive as 5G promises to be and for how far we’ve progressed with IoT and Smart Buildings, the key factor to implementing any new technology inside CRE buildings remains the same: Understand your infrastructure and your building’s capacity!

In their recent post “5 Things Building Owners Can Do To Prepare For 5G,” In-Building Tech claimed ‘Auditing Your Network Infrastructure’ as the first and most important step to preparing for the new technology’s arrival and, consequently, being able to provide increased connectivity services to your tenant.

Tenants expect the newest technologies for their business operations, and property managers should be prepared to quickly provide the solutions to meet the requirements.  Unfortunately, the building staff is often already over-burdened, not trained, or lacking accurate documentation to be able to ensure new technologies can be seamlessly adopted.

Leverage Industry Experts without Straining Staffing Budget

By partnering with a company that offers a full spectrum of telecommunications infrastructure services, your building and its management team can benefit from having a technology expert on call, for everything from routine maintenance to emergency recovery:

  1. Active maintenance of the cabling, equipment, and services within the telecommunications infrastructure (riser system) and common areas of the building
  2. Ensured security of the riser system
  3. Documented and actively maintained documentation of the riser system
  4. Ensured industry standard compliance
  5. Recovery services in case of outages
  6. Escort services with contract technicians to relieve building engineers of time burden and ensure documentation is actively maintained
  7. Technology consultation and expedited rollout services for tenants

Benefits of an In-House Technology Expert

By teaming with a riser management company, property managers can reap benefits for both building management and tenants. Assuring tenants that their service is safe from unauthorized access, that their requests will be prioritized, and outages quickly resolved, demonstrates to them that you value and respect their needs, while also ensuring your team has the support it needs to keep your critical network infrastructure running at peak performance.

Attracting and retaining valued tenants is essential to your success. Having in-house technology experts that provide active maintenance of your infrastructure and its documentation means you can rely on technology consultation services from a company who understands the technologies available in your building and how to augment them with the latest telecommunications advancements to provide your tenants with exceptional support for their current and future needs.

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