Tech Ready Buildings

Driving CRE Business By Managing the Technology of Tomorrow.

Tech Ready Buildings utilize ICT lifecycle management processes and methodologies to ensure building infrastructure capacity, connectivity, and maintenance services are available to support all current and future tenant and building technology requirements.
The Next Big Step for CRE: Tech Ready Buildings


Attract and Maintain High Profile Tenants With Tech-Ready Buildings.  Market your building’s connectivity with accurate, easy-to-understand literature and give your tenants the peace-of-mind they demand in today’s technology forward marketplace.

Tech Ready Buildings Video Series.

The following videos excerpt of the Tech Ready Buildings BICSI Conference Keynote Presentation outline how to nurture new and existing relationships with key anchor tenants by providing a single source Tech Ready Building advisor who can service all types of tenant technology requests and ensure your building’s connectivity is running at peak performance.

Dennis Playing Plinko Tech Ready Buildings
Ending the Vendor Management Fiasco for Your Building’s Infrastructure.
What Vendor Management Is Like Without A Tech Ready Building Service Provider.
The Lack of Building Documentation Could Put Your Building’s Infrastructure at Risk.
A Tech Ready Building Can Solve Your Building’s Connectivity and Wiring Issues.
Tech Ready Buildings Take Care of The Secret Cost of Unmanaged Infrastructure.
Why Being “Tech Ready” at Your Property Is Important in Today’s CRE Environment.
“Over the past five years, our annual outlook series has analyzed the evolving CRE industry landscape and ecosystem influences. Our outlook highlighted institutional investors’ growing preference for companies that invest in technologies to make buildings future-ready.” – 2020 Deloitte Commercial Real Estate Outlook.